Exciting news for devotees of global mega-chain H&M’s easy-on-the-wallet fashions: February will see the company launch a new home textiles and accessories line -- bath towels, kitchen linens, cushion covers, bedding, and more -- in an array of fashion-inspired styles. Since this is H&M, price points will be low and style points high.

The line is sure to be white hot, but green? You betcha. Organic cotton will be used alongside conventional materials like cotton, linen, and cotton blends. 

H&M has long been in a frontrunner in the use of organic cotton and boasts a progressive environmental policy.


Read the full press release and get a sneak peek of the line here.


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Image: Axolot

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How Swede it is
Watch out Ikea. H&M, Sweden’s favorite cheap-chic clothing chain, announces a homewares line made from organic cotton and other materials.