While it’s always great to see fresh new talent on the floor of design trade shows like the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, it’s often just as exciting to see returning eco-minded designers who have been around the trade show block more than a few times, if you catch my drift.

In attendance this year was one of my favorite ICFF mainstays, MIO, who dazzled in 2010 with felt laptop sleeves, flat-packed bike baskets, and eco-millinery. Founded in 2001 by Colombia-born brothers Jaime and Isaac Salm, the Philadelphia-based “Beautiful, Sustainable, Affordable”-centric product design firm and consultancy remains, 10 years and a Target collaboration later, committed to the creation of a founding principle called Green Desire. In the words of the Salm brothers, “Green Desire occurs when consumers actually crave products that are sustainable and responsible. This natural demand could ultimately drive the cultural shift necessary to align consumer desires with what is good for the environment.”
Desire is pretty much what I felt when I came across the MIO booth this past weekend at ICFF and spotted one of the Salm brothers’ latest creations: Tack Frames, two cheeky, baroque-y tack boards (available in an oval and square shapes and in tan or chocolate) made from granulated, 100 percent pre-consumer cork (itself a renewable, responsibly managed resource) that’s collected as waste a product from the Portuguese wine stopper industry.
The brothers Salm explain the philosophy behind their new creation (co-designed by Jaime and Alex Undi):
As work spaces become more like homes, the tools used in offices are often borrowing residential aesthetic themes. Tack Frame playfully embraces this desire to feel at home by reinterpreting shapes from the past in new materials that fit work behaviors.
I really can’t imagine a better addition to my ongoing “Home is where the office is” series than these beauties. In fact, several MIO creations would look lovely in any modern, eco-conscious home workspace, including the Organixe line of desktop accessories and the Trask LED desk lamp.
In addition to being made from a recycled and renewable resource, Tack Frames are produced in the U.S. and are recyclable and biodegradable/compostable. The square Tack Frame costs $65 and the larger oval tack frame sells for $95. Both can be yours over at the MIO webstore.
Top image: MIO; bottom images: Matt

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

ICFF 2011: MIO Tack Frame
Philadelphia's MIO, a perennial International Contemporary Furniture Fair favorite, delights with Tack Frames, a pair of bold n' baroque tack boards made from