The inhabitants of tiny houses needn't necessarily be of compact stature themselves. However, it does help, at least in terms of clearance and mattress sizes, if the phrase "NBA draft" isn't used with regard to a potential tiny house dwelller's proportions.

In a fantastic new video from the gang of faircompanies, we're treated to an enthusiastic tour of a trailer-bound dwelling built and currently inhabitated by Joel Fleck, who, at 6-foot-4 and 275 pounds, isn't exactly a fleck of a man.

A 27-year-old law student and self-described tinkerer hailing from compact housing-crazed Sonoma, Calif., Fleck gravitated toward rent-free tiny house living after returning home from college in Nebraska. Not wanting to fork over monthly rent at a local apartment complex or live in his parents' house, Fleck began work on his own digs (total cost: $25,000) without any sort of previous construction experience aside from building backyard tree forts as a kid.

Key to the 150-square-foot home's design are various custom hacks that enable Fleck to move around comfortably (no noggin bumping) without loosing sight of his ultimate goal: right-sized independence. Also important: a place to sit down and study and ample storage space for the mandatory law school supplies: hefty books, suit jackets and bottles of wine.

"I definitely relate to the idea that you work better in a place that you're comfortable with and so Thoreau per se was very comfortable at Walden Pond because that was a little place and that’s really what he was into and he was very comfortable there. So I’m very comfortable at my desk because I build this, I know every little inch of it, so working here just feels right."

Fleck, who works full-time at a law firm when he's not in class or studying at home, seems to a pretty damn busy guy. His home is more or less a pint-sized crash pad that just happens to be parked off of his "too supportive" parents' driveway. He does envision himself moving off of mom and dad's property and into bigger digs in the future. For now, however, a tiny house is just the right fit for this tall bachelor.

"When you're building it for you, you can be like 'this is how I want it.' And just do it."

Via [faircompanies]

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