At the beginning of this beautifully produced short documentary from Half Cut Tea, Milwaukee-based fashion designer Lilah Horwitz remembers exactly what was on her mind while taking in a sunset in the hills of West Virginia during one of her first dates with photographer Nick Olson: "We thought: Wouldn't it be cool if you had a house where the whole wall was windows? Because then you would never have to be trying to fit the sunset into one little space." She adds: "And then not less than a year later, we built it."

The result of some truly dedicated window salvaging spanning across several different states, the finished project — a hand-built cabin with a front facade composed entirely of recycled windows — is truly a site to behold. Reflects Olson: "I think as we went and got into the building, we brought our thoughts and ideas and practices to it. But at the base, it was really the idea of making a home."

Via [Half Cut Tea], via [Yahoo]

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In West Virginia, a stunning love shack built from old windows
Salvaging as many old windows as they could gather, a pair of young artists erect a light-strewn cabin in rural West Virginia for $500.