You have to admire London-based industrial designer and Dwell mag contributor Virginia Gardiner for her ability to openly discuss defecation on camera without breaking into hysterics, turning red in the face, or being completely, self-consciously deadpan. It takes nerve. But then again, she fully admits to having “never been a person who’s self-conscious about bodily functions.”

In this excellently produced video from Dwell, “The Bathroom Reinvented,” Gardiner explains — complete with chalkboard demo! — the details behind LooWatt, her low-cost, low-tech, no-energy waterless toilet system while also exploring America's collective “flush and forget” bathroom habit.

Gardiner believes that with the LooWatt, human poo can be considered a valuable commodity, rather than something that's taboo. In turn, this will help speed along humanitarian aid efforts and curb the illness and death associated with the improper disposal of human waste amongst the more than 40 percent of people on this planet without access to proper toilets. 


Fascinating, relevant stuff. Bravo, Virginia, and thanks for the inside poop

Via [Dwell]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

It takes two
Writer, industrial designer and certified poo doyen Virginia Gardiner explains her low-tech waterless toilet, LooWatt.