My post last week on the duct tape-worshipping photo site, There, I Fixed It, has gotten quite a bit of play from folks both inspired and mortified by the MacGyver-esque contraptions on display (it’s also sparked a heated “is it jerry-rigged or jury-rigged? debate).

In the same vein, here’s a new product that allows you to make a unique table out of anything your heart desires … a salvaged door, a sheet of glass, a surfboard, hardcover books, scrap wood, anything.

London-based industrial designer Richard Liddle’s Re-vive Table Legs, for Cohda Design, are basically adjustable steel clamp/legs that can be affixed (sans tools) to any sturdy, flat surface (preferably reclaimed or recycled material) that’s under 19 pounds and voila! A table is born.


According to the New York Times, Liddle’s concept arose from concern over the heavy carbon footprint associated with the manufacture and shipping of new furniture pieces. Says Liddle: “I didn’t want to add to this problem by creating yet more energy-draining furniture products.”

The genius of Re-vive Tables Legs is that they aren’t permanent once you stick ‘em on something. They’re easily removable so, in true DIY spirit, you can feel free to experiment with different materials and switch tabletops up as you see fit.

A set of four Re-vive Table Legs, available in black or orange, are on sale now for $160 at one of my favorite sustainable design destinations, Branch. Get a set before these hot legs walk off …

Via [New York Times

Photos: BranchCodha Design

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

It's got legs
Turn a piece of scrap <i>anything</i> into a functional piece of furniture with Re-vive Table Legs.