Earlier this week, lifestyle blogger extraordinaire Starre took a gander at a few things you can make with an old pair of jeans — placemats! Hideous slipcovers! adorable stuffed whales! — provided that you’re not scared of (sewing) needles … and rotary cutters and the like. 

Given that many of us, myself included, may not possess any sort of aptitude in the upcycled crafts department, here’s a look at what a super-trendy Scandinavian denim outfitter is making with its old jeans (but seriously, the Swedes do denim very well).
You just better start saving up those krona ...
Gothenburg-based Nudie Jeans has long been at the forefront of the “sustainable jean” movement, offering an array of fits and styles made from fair trade organic cotton, abiding by strict environmental and social responsibility policies, and offering a Repair Care Handbook for denim-heads with a “broken” pair of jeans on their hands. Having launched a Recycle Denim Maniacs initiative in 2007, one of the brand’s most coveted — and spendy — lines is made from old and unwanted jeans that have been “cut into pieces, and then milled down to a cotton-like pulp, which in turn becomes new yarn, used for new fabrics.”
nudie jeans rug
Nudie jeans rug
Now that the recycled denim wizards at Nudie have successfully mastered the fine art of making new jeans with old jeans (and just a touch of virgin organic cotton), they’ve extended into interiors with a new limited-edition line of Scandinavian-style area rugs that are hand-woven in Turkey from donated “post costumer recycled denim” using a manual shuttle loom. The rugs, constructed from strips of serrated fabric that’s rolled and then sewn together, are quite beautiful. Their size of around 6 feet by 4.5 feet won’t overwhelm a room.
The only drawback here is the price tag of $599. However, quality hand-woven rugs don’t come cheap, particularly ones produced by a company with comprehensive environmental and responsible manufacturing programs in place (to be clear, the rugs are manufactured by Bossa, Nudie's organic cotton supplier in Turkey). The line of  Post Consumer Recycled Denim Rugs will no doubt appeal to existing Nudie devotees who are already accustomed to forking over $200 for a pair of rough and tumble pants. A modestly sized $600 rug seems like the next step up.
Nudie Post Consumer Recycled Denim Rugs are available at Nudie brick and mortar concept stores and at the Nudie Jeans House in Los Angeles. 
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Junked jeans reborn with Scandinavian-style recycled denim rugs
Trendy Swedish clothier Nudie Jeans continues its mission to give worn-out old pants a second lease on life with Post Consumer Recycled Denim Rugs.