The last I checked in with LivingHomes, the Santa Monica-based green prefab powerhouse responsible for the country’s very first LEED Platinum home, CEO Steve Glenn and his team were up to something a bit new: The Belles Townhomes, a community of non-prefab, Kieran Timberlake-designed townhouse rental units located smack dab in the middle of San Francisco’s Presidio.


Picking up where the Belles Townhomes left off, LivingHomes’ latest endeavor in Los Altos, Calif., continues with the LEED Platinum multifamily housing theme although this time around the residence in question, a three-home structure, is prefabricated. Designed by Ray Kappe (LivingHomes works with the designs of both Kappe and Kieran Timberlake) the Los Altos LivingHome consists of eight factory-built modules that were installed in November 2010 over a two-day period using a 250-ton crane. The Los Altos Patch described the crowd-drawing installation of the modules as “better than the circus.” (By the way, the modules were manufactured by Utah-based Irontown Homes.)


Los Altos Living Home Los Altos Living Home

The three homes that make up the Los Altos LivingHome are each quite different: two of them are three-bedroom, three-bathroom units; one is 1,594 square feet with a huge private deck and the other is 1,685 square feet with a significantly smaller private deck. The third home is a 540-square-foot studio space with one bedroom and one bathroom that’s ADA-adaptable and designated to be an affordable housing unit. Additionally, each unit boasts a private garden and patio while laundry space is communal. Of course, the homes are designed and built to meet rigorous health standards and to achieve LivingHomes’ patented Six Zeros of Sustainability: Zero Water, Zero Energy, Zero Waste, Zero Emissions, Zero Carbon and Zero Ignorance.


Provided that the Los Altos LivingHome triplex snags LEED Platinum certification and that points aren't deducted for questionable lawn sculptures, this will be the firm’s thirteenth Platinum-scoring home and will be the first LEED Platinum residence in the Los Altos area.


Los Altos LivingHome
Los Altos Living Home Los Altos Living Home
Los Altos Living Home


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Keeping it in the (multi)family: Los Altos LivingHome
Green prefab firm LivingHomes completes its second multifamily project: A Ray Kappe-designed, LEED Platinum triplex in Los Altos, Calif.