I spend a fair amount of time collecting quarters and whining about/dreading laundry day. (I’m a renter living without the luxury of an in-building or in-unit washer/dryer). Sigh. But it's design concepts like ‘Swirl’ that really put my must-schlep-to-the-laundromat angst into perspective.

Like the ‘Bicilavadora’ bike-powered washing machine that I blogged about last year, ‘Swirl’ is designed for those living in developing countries where electricity and water supplies are scarce ... areas where laundering can be a truly arduous process. And like ‘Bicilavadora’, ‘Swirl’ is meant to make laundry time a dare-I-say-enjoyable process. It also “aims to enhance a social cultural relationship between women and children, making washing a fun and easy experience.”

Germany's Designaffairs STUDIO’s ‘Swirl,’ as you can see, is a colorful, spherical “washing ball” that does the dirt-busting deed when in rotation … kick it, toss it, rock it, roll it, use it in a soccer game for really tough stains. When not being used as an electricity-free washing machine, ‘Swirl’ can serve as both a laundry basket and an easy-to-transport water barrel. 
For specifics on how exactly ‘Swirl’ works, check out the renderings below. What do you think? Could this be a playfully practical laundry solution in parts of the world where washing clothes is much more than just a whine-worthy chore? 
Via [Designboom]

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Kicking your knickers
'Swirl,' a nonelectric washing machine/laundry basket/water barrel/toy is designed to make laundering a less-laborious, more-fun task for residents of developin