We Love Eames, a German design studio that certainly isn’t shy about letting you know exactly who they’re influenced by, have unveiled a lovely way to bring a splash of greenery into the darkest and dreariest corners of the home — spaces that, due to a lack of natural light, pretty much spell houseplant homicide.

Ostensibly a blown-glass lamp in pendant or standing floor variations, Mygdal Plantlamp also pulls double-duty as a terrarium — a “completely self-sustaining eco-system” as the designers put it — that’s single life source is an integrated, sunlight-imitating LED.

Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke of We Love Eames go on to note that Mygdal Plantlamp requires zero “ventilation or irrigation.” While it may seem odd to have to water your lamp or a regular basis, it’s unclear exactly how photosynthesis can occur, as the designers claim it can, sans periodic watering or misting. Horticultural wizardry maybe? Are Lucht and Sebrantke onto something big? I’m not entirely sure but the duo seem confident that plants housed within the lamp can grow “undisturbed for years.”

Mygdal Plantlamp by We Love EamesPhoto: We Love Eames

Issues of airflow and H2O aside, you can’t argue with a good-looking, super low-maintenance statement piece that somehow allows greenery to thrive in areas of the home where natural light isn’t exactly abundant. (To be clear, employing artificial light to spur plant growth isn't exactly a new concept.) Lucht and Sebrantke specifically mention the Mygdal Plantlamp would be a shoo-in for hotels and restaurants. I’m thinking ultra-luxe bunker hideaways, too.

It's also worth noting that the design — or at least the standing lamp model, anyways — employs a special, patent-pending “electrically conductive glass coating” that streams electricity through the surface of the lamp. This, in turns, renders an unsightly physical power connection (read: cord) between the LED and the power source obsolete,

Mygdal Plantlamp by We Love EamesPhoto: We Love Eames

There’s no price tag or release date attached to the Mygdal Plantlamp at this point, so don’t go readying that dark corner of your basement for a plant-growing pendant lamp quite yet. But as Melissa at sister site TreeHugger noted earlier this week, there’s other big news in the wonderful world of indoor plant cultivation that does involve water: IKEA is now making small-scale indoor gardening all the much more easier with the release of a nifty countertop hydroponic growing system developed by the world-saving home furnishings emporium in collaboration with a team of Swedish agricultural scientists.

You can learn more about the Mygdal Plantlamp at We Love Eames' Facebook page.

Mygdal Plantlamp by We Love EamesPhoto: We Love Eames
Mygdal Plantlamp by We Love EamesPhoto: We Love Eames

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Lamp multi-tasking as a terrarium allows plants to grow in sunlight-starved spaces
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