Well hello there, super cool green design concept. Nice to meet you. When and where can I buy you?

I’m obviously pretty smitten with “light PEG” lighting concept from Natalia Romanova. I spotted it over at Yanko Design where they warned, “it’s going to hook you basically instantly.” And how right they are.

The design consists of eight individual clothespin-shaped mini-lamps that are made from recyclable plastic and contain six small LED bulbs. Charge ‘em up — each 30 to 40 minute recharge session results in four to five hours of power — in a nifty wireless “tree charger” with electrically conductive branches and you’re good to go.

Explains the designer:

The main idea of the lamp is to combine functions of pegs with light because usually when you buy a lamp it suits one part of your interior. This lamp was created for having light wherever you want to illuminate something.
As you can see from the fun, illuminative applications for “light PEG” are pretty endless and don’t necessarily have to do with after-dark outdoor laundry hanging: attach ‘em to a book, a laptop, or, um, a martini glass. What would you use them for? 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Laundry pegs that light up your life
The "light PEG" concept consists of 8 rechargeable peg-shaped LED mini-lamps that offer themselves to an array of nifty uses around the house.