It seems to me there's a lot of proverbial and actual belt adjustment going on these days: belt-tightening as a result of the economic downturn; belt-loosening thanks in part to all the food and drink brought on by the holidays; and then tightening again as you model that hideous belt with the even more hideous buckle gifted to you by your great aunt Barbara. You may even find yourself, ahem, belting out a few holiday standards after loosening your inhibitions with a couple glasses o' nog. 

But enough about adjustments and caroling -- the crafty-genius folks at London-based TING have found a new use for leather belts that doesn't involve holding up your trousers. TING has already garnered quite a bit of ecstatic press thanks to its belts, wallets, and bags made from vegetable tanned leather and vintage belts sourced from LA, Paris, and London... and I can't forget the handbag line made from repurposed seatbelts. The firm's latest eco-chic creation? Try modular floor tiles made from recycled leather belts on for size. These truly stunning, sexy tiles are comprised of vintage leather belts that have been painstakingly cleaned and glued (a water-based glue, natch) onto a reconstituted leather backing. At $75 a square foot, these titillating tiles may not be the ideal for belt-tighteners looking to spruce up a large area in the home, but are certainly worth drooling over.


[TING] via [Haute*Nature]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Leather fetish
TING gives new meaning to "greenbelt" with floor tiles made from recycled leather belts.