Given that the balmy season comes to an unofficial close this weekend, I thought it would be only appropriate to take a look at a stunning line of outdoor furniture made from salvaged canvas sailcloth that pretty much screams “endless summer.” Or sea sickness. Or transport me to San Sebastian and quick.


The Living Sails collection from sustainable Spanish firm DVELAS launched nearly a year ago at Valencia Design Week and subsequently made quite a few, ahem, waves, around the design blogosphere. I’m just now (sailor’s hat tip to Design Milk) catching wind (last attempt at cleverness, I promise) of these beautiful handcrafted pieces that are “designed so as to reflect upon the original function of the sail and inspired by sailing techniques, the way the boats are constructed, and the poetry of the sea itself.”

Dvelas detail of sail tag
Genois cheslon

Each heavy-duty Living Sails piece — more on them in a bit — in the Living Sails collection is strictly limited edition and totally unique with a traceability tag that shares a bit of history of the sail including its origin, type, manufacturer, the boat it once belonged to and that boat’s home port. The same careful hand-rigging techniques used by sailmakers is also employed in the creation of the furniture by the Pamplona-based DVELAS design team.


Currently available are support chairs; easy chair/loungers available with both aluminum and wood frames; giant, Fatboy-esque armchair and couch poufs; and last but not least, the Vaurien, a floating, fiberglass-framed lounger/raft hybrid that appears to be the most bliss-inducing piece of furniture ever conceived. Seriously, the minute I first laid eyes on it I immediately got Enya stuck in my head and started craving white wine sangria. That's it pictured directly below and at the top of the page. Multipurpose hangers made from reclaimed bronze carabiners knotted to hemp ropes are also available.

Vaurien lounger/raft
B&S Elondo lounger/easy chair
What’s more, DVELAS has launched a sail recycling program for those who happen to be in possession of used sail canvas that they're willing to part with. The firm will even swap raw materials for an actual product, creating a bespoke piece of furniture out of your own retired sail.


Lots more over at the DVELAS website including some fascinating insight into the nautical inspiration behind each piece. Definitely worth a look.
Trimmer support chair
Genois armchair pouf


Via [Design Milk]


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Living Sails: Recycled furnishings for lounging landlubbers
From Pamplona-based sustainable design firm DVELAS comes Living Sails, a collection of thoughtfully designed outdoor furniture made from retired sailcloth that