Although Blu Homes may be best known as the firm that acquired the assets of prefab pioneer mkDesigns back in 2009, the Waltham, Mass.-based company isn’t strictly in the business of salvaging the works of its shuttered contemporaries.
Before adding Michelle Kaufmann’s “eco-luxury” mkDesigns line — including recognizable classics like Glidehouse and Breezehouse — to its roster of homes, Blu was already making small waves on the green prefab scene much in part to the startup’s focus on affordability and on an innovative folding technology that allows for a dramatically quicker, more efficient, and cheaper factory-to-site process
Now, joining the ranks of Blu’s non-Kaufmann home designs like Element and Evolution is Lofthouse, a lovely-looking modular abode inspired by “the look and feel of classic New England homes” and designed to “appeal to traditionalists and modernists alike.” So what does a “classic New England home” look like exactly? Basically, it translates to “barn-like.” 
Explains Maura McCarthy, co-founder and VP of sales and marketing of Blu Homes, in a press release:
The Lofthouse is a beautiful, precision-built green home that fits the architectural vernacular of traditional and historic communities. The charming exterior of the traditional version of the Lofthouse is reminiscent of a New England barn-style home, complete with Colonial-style windows and shutters. The more modern version does away with shutters and expands the windows to provide an uninterrupted view and a true indoor/outdoor living experience.
Available with two, three, or four bedrooms and starting at $355,000, the bi-level home does indeed boast a certain (optional) Yankee charm without laying it on too thick. Like other eco-friendly Blu designs, versatility and personalization is key here as Lofthouse owners are able to alter and tinker with floor plans as they wish and choose from a wide range of finishes and fixtures, upgrades and optional bells and whistles including fireplaces, custom-designed casework, and renewable energy systems. In this case, it’s up to the owner to deck out the home in Red Sox paraphernalia. And similar to other Blu Homes, Lofthouse is constructed with the company’s proprietary steel frames, folding technology, and emphasizes smart design, the health of its inhabitants, and energy-efficiency: Blu-built homes offer a 50 percent energy-savings over comparably sized existing homes.
For more info on this New England-influenced beauty, head on over to Blu Homes. Advance orders for Lofthouse are available now with the first deliveries of the home expected to be this winter. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Lofthouse: Modern green prefab with a traditional twist
Massachusetts-based prefab firm Blu Homes unveils Lofthouse, a New England-y modular home that 'fits the architectural vernacular of traditional and historic c