I absolutely love traveling but the one thing I dread about it (aside from flying) is the unpacking of suitcases. Part of the ritual involves me trying to cram my suitcases — for some reason, I only own XS and XXL sizes — back into the small cubby space above my closet which involves a whole lot of grunting, rearranging, and heavy lifting. It’s quite the process and sometimes I delay it for a couple days after I get home, my luggage patiently waiting to be moved back into their proper homes in my space-starved apartment.

Thank goodness for Erik De Nijs who has designed a nifty alternative to luggage storage with Suited Case. When not being hauled around hotel rooms, airports, and train stations, the pieces in the Suited Case collection can be left out in the home and used as a funky living room sofa. It doesn't look like you'd want to use Suited Case as your primary leaving room seating arrangement but as a secondary one, I think it could work. 

Of course, Suited Case — it consists of two pieces of large luggage and two pieces of hand luggage — can be transformed into a mobile couch while traveling, ideal for making yourself comfortable during extended layovers or if you just need a little breather while traversing O' Hare. 

Says De Nijs, who is showing Suited Case at Dutch Design Week 09:

The fabrics which are used to cover the suit cases emphasize the homely feeling. I searched for a combination of fabrics which amplify each other and which create a prominent image. By using prints on the large luggage and the pad on the hand luggage I tried to put down a lively picture.

Finally there are some typical suitcase elements, like a big zipper, handles and wheels. These elements show the suitcases when the couch is constructed.

I'm all about creative ways to save both space and resources so I think it's brilliant. What are your thoughts? 

Via [Dezeen] via [TreeHugger

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Lugging your living room couch
Samsonite meets Shabby Chic with the Suited Case from inventive Dutch designer Erik De Nijs.