When I choose to spotlight a product for the home — whether it’s a piece of outdoor furniture, a clock, or a doormat — alongside the aesthetic “wow factor” there is, of course, green criteria: what (materials is it made from?), where (is it made?), who (produced it?), how (does it impact the environment?) and when (it's disposed of, what happens to it?) Not the most scientific method, I know, but it works for me.

My philosophy also extends to pet-centric products for the home. In the past, I’ve discussed recycled flip-flop dog beds, eco-friendly cat scratchers, and much more. With this post, however, I’m abandoning any green requirements and going with pure looks.

Taipei-born, London-educated designer Alice Wang’s Pet Plus line might contain the five most cleverly designed, peculiar, (and also kind of disturbing) pooch-geared products that I’ve ever laid eyes on. Let’s take a look, shall we?

 Human & Dog Pillow
 Human & Dog Glass 
Human & Dog Plate 
Dog Bib

Here’s what the designer says about the Pet Plus line:

In the same way as one can purchase accessories and additional companions for Barbie dolls, will consumers be able to purchase accessories which creates hyperreal relationships? Let us try to imagine when certain hyperreal dog relationships become a commodity product and consumers have the choice to decide which experience to indulge in. Regarding Maslow's theory of human motivation (1954), all individuals must satisfy certain needs. Specific relationships can perhaps be purchased as supplements to aid one in fulfilling certain needs, resulting in a new form of hyperreality.
Pet plus offers various packages acting as social supplements encouraging further interaction between humans and their dogs. Pet Plus invites you to embark on a brand new social adventure!
It’s unclear if items from Pet Plus are available for retail purchase (I did a bit of looking around and couldn’t find anything) but if they were, I know more than a few people who wouldn’t mind having hyperreal, romantic dinners with their dogs. Do you? Would you?

Via [Design Milk]

Images: Alice Wang

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Man's BFF
Alice Wang's interactive dog accessory line, Pet Plus, is cleverly designed and, well, slightly creepy.