During the summer months, more so than other times of the year, you probably find yourself in front of a mirror checkin’ yourself out. You probably mutter something to yourself like:

Nice sunglasses tan line.

Good lord, I’m covered in sweat.

I didn’t realize mosquitoes could actually bite there.

Below are a few decorative mirrors for the home encased in frames made from a variety of unlikely recycled and sustainable materials like wooden rulers, boats, and magazines. Check ‘em out before you check yourself out. And remember, while the below mirrors are totally unique and green-worthy, there are also plenty of excellent finds at antique stores, yard sales, and flea markets if you want to go the gently used route. 


Recycled Ruler Mirror @ Urban Outfitters ($48)

Ideal for the households of both academics and architects, this 15.5-inch square mirror is framed by old school recycled wooden rulers.

Square Recycled Magazine Mirror @ Target ($79.99)

This striking folksy chic mirror is made from, you guessed it, recycled magazines. Also available in a round shape or in recycled newspaper varieties.


Boatwood Mirror @ Viva Terra ($198 + $15 surcharge)

A true conversation starter, this colorful, rectangular mirror is made from wood salvaged from dismantled Thai fishing boats.

Spoke Mirror @ CB2 ($59.95)

Well, look what we have here … a small, circular mirror set inside a reclaimed iron bicycle wheel. Mirror measures 10.5-inches in diameter.

Norfolk Mirror by ModLoft @ Feel More Human ($720)

More functional than decorative, this stunning 6-foot tall mirror is framed with FSC-certified hardwood from sustainable Malaysian forests. Comes with either a wenge or walnut low-VOC finish.  

SUCK UK LED WALL MIRROR @ 2Shopper ($349.95)

This it's not set inside a sustainable-material frame like the above mirrors, this LED mirror from SUCK UK is too cool to pass up. Display the time, an RSS newsfeed, or your own customized eco-message in scrolling LED characters. Comes with a remote. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Mirror, mirror on the wall ...
... who's the greenest of them all? Perhaps it will be you after checking out these mirrors with unique eco frames.