A wise woman named Madonna once said: “Time goes by … so slowly.” I don’t know how I can help you make time go any faster so below are a few recommendations in how to make it go by a bit greener.

Every home has a clock — from heirloom cuckoos to super-mod LED objects d’art to the time display on your microwave — and if yours doesn’t then you’ve got a whole other set of problems.

If you’re on the market for a brand new one, I recommend going the vintage route. If you must go brand new, check out these options made from a variety of sustainable materials, an always-popular modern LED model, a solar powered model from the UK, and a clock powered by, umm, mud. And if the suspense is killing you, yes, there is a FSC wooden cuckoo clock on the list. 

Bamboo Desk Clock by Yusuke Tsujita @ MoMA Store ($88)


Fan Clock by Michael Whitney @ Spring ($80)

Modern Baby Clock – Bear by Decoylab @ Supermarket ($48)

Circuitboard Clock by Geekware @ Geekware ($19.95)

Vintage 45rpm Clock by Vinylux @ Elsewares ($30)


Clock9 by Mike Reynolds @ Supermarket  ($175)

Boatwood Clock @ VivaTerra ($69)

Solar Clock by SUCK UK @ Ethical SuperStore (£24.95)

Numbers Clock - Red LED by Jonas Damon @ Design Public ($80)

Timeless Garden Mud-powered Clock by Francesco Castiglione Morelli & Tommaso Ceschi (concept only)

FSC Plywood Cuckoo Clock by Osian Batyka-Wiliams @ Bouf (£30.)


(MNN homepage photo: Yanko Design)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.