Details are slim at this point but it looks like thanks to Rose Thornton’s sustainable media start-up, ReGeneration Productions, Seattle will be the setting of a new eco home makeover show called Mission: Sustainable.

I’m not sure when/where it will air and if the show will be more akin to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition or Queer Eye for Straight Guy, but I do know that ReGeneration has held auditions in Seattle for on-air personalities. More specifically, the producers are looking to hire a host and Seattle-based experts/consultants in the areas of green transportation, food, personal care, home interiors/exteriors, technology, landscaping, home energy efficiency, and the Pacific Northwest outdoors. It looks like the fabulous green ladyblogger, Crunchy Chicken, is considering auditioning or has already auditioned for one of the spots.

According to the DJC Green Building Blog, the pilot for Mission: Sustainable will film in July and August.

I’m not wild about the title of the show (I’m also fresh out of ideas for a better one) but let’s play a game of pretend casting. Say Mission: Sustainable wasn’t Seattle-centric and the host/experts could be from anywhere. Who would be on your green home makeover dream team (aside from MNN’s dazzling crew of bloggers)?

TV vet and JCPenney posterboy Danny Seo instantly comes to my mind but he’s already worked his 15 minutes. And although they’re both already somewhat eco-ubiquitous, Summer Rayne Oakes or Renée Loux could make fine hosts — they’re both used to being in the spotlight and they’re both decidedly easy on the eyes. What about certified expert on everything, former Seattle resident, and friend of Ed Begley Jr., Bill Nye? Steve Thomas? Adam Vaughan? Josh DorfmanVanessa Farquharson? Willie Nelson

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The Emerald City, Seattle, gets its very own green home makeover show: <i>Mission: Sustainable</i>.