Having previously wowed us with chic, city dweller-friendly hydroponic gardening systems and sand-powered LED lamps, Brooklyn-based Danielle Trofe is returning to NY Design Week this May with another singular, sustainability-minded creation that blends functionality with a healthy dollop of imagination: a lovely little table lamp made from mushrooms.

Well, kind of. The shade of the Mush-Lume lamp is crafted — "grown, not manufactured"— from Ecovative Design's patented, Buckminster Fuller Award-winning bio-material that's produced from mushroom mycelia and agricultural waste (corn stalks, seed husks, etc.) and serves as a non-landfill-clogging alternative to petrochemical-based packaging, insulation, and so on.

Although I don't see why you would ever want to discard the Mush-Lume, if, theoretically, you decide that after a couple years that it just doesn't blend with your non-fungi-based decor, your cat starts attacking it, or you simply no longer see a need for it, instead of chucking it in the trash or attempting to hawk it at a yard sale, you can return the biodegradable light fixture — or the shade anyway, as the "stem" is made from FSC-certified wood and concrete — to the earth by breaking it into smaller pieces and composting it in your back yard or garden. Or you could just recruit a couple of garden gnomes to have a go at it.

And no, the lamp won't prematurely biodegrade in your living room.

Lovely stuff as always from Trofe, a designer dedicated to promoting "a function-forward, sustainable and socially responsible approach to furniture and lighting design." And if you plan on making the rounds at NY Design Week 2004, you can find Mush-Lume at the fourth installment of WantedDesign from May 16-19.

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Mush-Lume: A fungus-based light fixture that you can compost [Video]
Sure to be hit with gnomes and design lovers alike, Danielle Trofe's latest creation is a table lamp with a shade 'grown' from mushroom-based bio-material.