Working with sustainable woods, recycled content fibers, and other "natural" materials is one thing, but I'm always thrilled to come across designers who create unique work out of dumpster diving finds. Junktion, a young Israeli design collective does just that ... they give Tel Aviv's garbage new life as whimsical but functional furnishings.

I'm not certain that the ingenious waste wizards at Junktion actually partake in dumpster diving but I'm guessing that collecting refuse from around Tel Aviv isn't exactly an easy, breezy process. It takes sharp eyes, a sense of adventure, and some pretty serious creativity (I'm reminded of the work of Brooklyn-based Michael Whitney). The mission of Junktion is refreshingly straightforward: "Junktion people believe that there is enough stuff in the world already and try to take from what there already is. We often find our desires in what no longer interests others." 

Given Junktion's impressive product output of furniture, accessories, lighting, and more it seems that there's plenty of salvageable junk in Tel Aviv to go around. Pictured below are a few of my favorites: Eclectic Bench (salvaged chairs), Channukah Lamp (cooper plumbing pipes and plugs), Newspaper Cans (carton cans, metal joints),  Sack Rugs (rice and coffee bean sacks), and Skateboard Bench (salvaged skateboards, wood bench),

Via [Design Boom]
Images: Junktion/NEMECHEK Studio

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

New furniture, old junk
Israeli design collective Junktion transforms Tel Aviv's discarded undesirables into cool, covetable furniture.