Kari Merkl of eco-oriented Portland, Oregon-based product design firm Merkled has worked in the medium of racks before. Last year's powder-coated (no VOCs involved), recyclable Coat Rack made from aluminum panels was a simplistic stunner. This year, Merkl takes her talent to the kitchen with the newly available Merkled Pot Rack

Merkled Pot Racks are crafted from powder-coated steel loom ends salvaged from a weaving company near the Merkled studio. They're available in white, blue, and orange. I dig the unique, sculptural quality of the racks; they're certainly a departure from the wooden, wall- and ceiling-mounted arrangements that dominate the pot rack market. 
They're also quite durable and can hold lightweight kitchen accoutrement, heavy cast iron skillets, and everything in between. 

Merkled Pot Rack @ Supermarket ($150)

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Images: Merkled 

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Nice rack
Portland, Ore-based design firm Merkled's Pot Rack is made from locally salvaged steel loom ends.