As I mentioned in my official New York International Gift Fair post yesterday, there was a lot to take in at the summer installment of the biannual retail goods bonanza (it closes today). Here's one nifty item that I missed that the folks at TreeHugger picked up on: 

Zilka Hangers from the celebrated South African-born, London-based "free-range" designer Ryan Frank. These festive closet dwellers are constructed from a pulpy paperboard material made from reclaimed British newspapers. It looks like they'd possibly crumple under the weight of a bulky winter jacket but would do just fine with tees, summer dresses, lightweight cardigans, etc. I dig the variety of colors, designs, and the creative use of recycled materials that Mother Nature (and Mommie Dearest) would approve of. Check 'em out.

And fingers-crossed that a US buyer also took a liking to these exceptional clothing hangers at NYIGF since as of now, they're only available in Europe. 

Via [TreeHugger]

Photos: Ryan Frank

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

No more wire (or plastic) hangers, ever!
Also spotted at NYIGF: Recycled newspaper clothing hangers from Brit eco-designer Ryan Frank.