Happy Friday, MNN readers. Before proceeding to the usual Friday link extravaganza — this installment is quite effusive —I wanted to mention a couple of ways you can help Haiti as the country digs out from Tuesday’s catastrophic earthquake. Musician Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Haiti is one notable humanitarian organization that’s received a fair amount of action over the past couple days. To help with a $5 donation, text YELE to 501501. The Daily Beast also lists a number of reputable NGOs such as The American Red Cross, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders. Take a few minutes this weekend to help out however you can. 

Inhabitat is jazzed about the upcoming spring collection of affordable solar-powered lighting fixtures from IKEA called SOLIG. Those are some mighty attractive SOLIG lanterns pictured above. 

Designboom digs the Silverpac Digital Thermostat, a nifty, interactive tough-screen thermostat that allows homeowners to easily monitor their home energy usage. The device was just showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show. 

Jeston Green admires the plans for Oakland's Ironhorse at Central Station, a solar-powered residential development that consists of 99 affordable, attractive eco-apartments. 

Design Milk ogles Exquisite Hibernation, a furniture collection from French eco-design firm Bleu Nature that melds tranquil blue shades with reclaimed driftfood. 

TreeHugger gives props to Sweden's Sortify, a four-chambered public trash and recycling receptacle that makes it easy and breezy to separate paper, plastic, glass, and garbage while on the go. 

The Oregonian announces that Portland is set to become the first city with three nonprofit tool libraries. Huh? Tool libraries are lending centers where folks can borrow household tools that they'd otherwise have to purchase at a hardware store. Currently, there are 25 such libraries across the country. 

The Independent discusses how landlords and developers in dense urban areas are wising up the needs of bike-commuting tenants. 

The Daily Green reviews "10 Hot Home Products that $ave Money." I'm personally loving product number five on the list, the energy-sipping My Personal Space Heater.  

The New York Times reports on a rather unlikely beautification project: gussying up NYC dumpsters. 

Re-Nest minds its H2O with a peek at the HydroRight Dual Flush Toilet Converter, an affordable, easy-to-install gadget that renders water-guzzling commodes much more efficient. 

The Stranger gives this blogger the heebie-jeebies with a story on Seattle's imminent bedbug crisis. 

Photo: IKEA

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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