Eco Fabulous DIYs it up to promote a new eBay Green Team furniture makeover contest that's accepting entries until November 19th. Watch fabulous Eco Fabulous founder Zem Joaquin work her DIY magic on a vintage phone bench in the below video. 

Re-Nest talks H20 with a look at the EPA's WaterSense program that certifies high efficiency toilets, shower heads, faucets, and the like. 

TreeHugger is rendered speechless by the $325,000 canine castle that Paris Hilton has had built for her dogs. 

The Los Angeles Times steps inside a super cute 1920s bungalow in LA's Eagle Rock nabe that recently underwent a cost-cutting DIY remodel. 

Michelle Kaufmann takes a look at her utility bills to see how productive that her home's solar panels have been. 

The New York Times takes a look at EcoFactor's "smart" thermostat that takes the concept of home energy meters to a new, meteorological level. 

Dornob explains how to construct your own comfy chair out of plywood and a rubber hose for under $20. 

Huffington Post Green gets technical while explaining "How To Insulate Hot Water Pipes to Increase Energy Efficiency." 

The Guardian allows extreme green blogger and author, Mark Boyle (aka "The Cashless Man") to respond to an overwhelming amount of reader comments, both supportive and critical. Boyle lives sans currency in a solar powered caravan. For food, he forages and grows his own crops. 

Dwells digs "The Organic Factory," a collection of biodegradable, agricultural waste-based household objects designed by Giles Belley. 

The San Francisco Chronicle has the dirt on air-filtering houseplants like snake plants, spider plants, and golden pothos. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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