Happy Friday and to all the dads out there: have a great Father's Day weekend. Growing up, my own Dad wasn't exactly a huge eco-influence on me — he was, however, a big proponent of the great outdoors, garage sales and using things until they basically disintegrate — but I'm proud of the steps he's taken in the past few years to go green around ye olde homestead. How has your dad influenced you to reduce your environmental impact at home and elsewhere?

Looking for a little green-tinged daddy bonding time this weekend? Take a few minutes to sit down with him and read up on the latest developments in the world of eco-friendly building, design, gardening, and home improvements. 

The Atlantic details the 5,600-square foot Silicon Valley home of Paul Holland and Linda Yates. The couple's plus-sized casa— couldn't they build just a wee bit smaller? — sports the latest in "aggressively eco-friendly technologies and materials." 

The Wall Street Journal preps for increased temps and energy bills this summer with a guide to DIY home energy audits. 

Dwell checks in with the Simonsen family, a "test family" living in the Active House, a super-efficient prototype home in Aarhus, Denmark.

The San Francisco Chronicle pays a visit to the home garden of legendary blues musician Elvin Bishop. Declares the 67-year old slide guitarist: "Growing your own food is a win-win situation. Some people buy their vegetables at the store and then pay money to get their exercise at the gym. I get plenty of exercise in my garden."

Popular Science lists off "Nine of the World's Most Promising Carbon Neutral Communities." Included are Greensburg, Kansas (Best U.S. Project), Costa Rica (Most Ambitious), and the Vatican (Holiest). 

ReadyMade beats the heat with a roundup of vintage electric fans. 

Design*Sponge gets crafty with a fun DIY project: turning surplus plastic drinking straws into decorative table "coral." 

Dornob channels Thoreau with a list of  Chic Shacks: 6 Stylish Sheds, Barn Homes, and Hermit Cabins." 

EcoHome pays its respects to 150 West Elm Street, an in-foreclosure property Phoenix that, thanks to a thoughtful and quick eco-revamp job, was recently named NAHB Green Remodel of the Year. 

The Los Angeles Times takes a look at this years' winners of the Copper-Hewitt National Design Awards. 

Re-Nest discusses various the perksof being involved with a local worm composting club where conversation topics often revolve around "rotting food, creepy crawlies, and worm excrement."

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing catch up: Dad day afternoon
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