Sunset shows — slideshow time! — how a resourceful and DIY-savvy Portland, Ore. couple built the Signal Shed, a rustic 'adventure outpost' measuring 130 square feet plus a deck, in the Oregon wilderness for $57,000. That's it pictured at left. 

The Los Angeles Times admires Elmer Avenue, a once-unexceptional San Fernando Valley strip that's become the "Rolls-Royce of L.A.'s Green Street initiative" thanks to a beautiful, water-wise makeover that includes solar-powered street lamps and bioswales that capture rainwater and reduce urban runoff.

Contemporist digs the unique and eco-friendly Gebhartstrasse Apartment Building in Liebefeld, Switzerland. The multifamily home was designed by Halle 58 Architects. 

The San Francisco Chronicle picks the brain of lighting designer Randall Whitehead on the future of LEDs, CFLs, and other energy-smart home lighting options. 

Greenbiz reports that Seventh Generation will (finally) be selling nontoxic cleaning and laundering products at WalMart stores and on

The New York Times shares a few pointers on how to help your garden make it through this particularly hot n' nasty summer with minimal casualties. 

The Independent also talks green cleaners with a story on Ecover's Mick Breman, a man who believes "that no product, be it a lavatory cleaner, a hybrid car or a locally sourced punnet of strawberries, is technically environmentally friendly."

GOOD announces this year's winner of Nau's $10,000 Grant for Change: Truck Farm, a "1986 Dodge pickup truck converted to house a traveling farm that boasts heirloom seeds and green-roof technology." I've blogged about Truck Farm before, a project that hits close to home given that it's frequently parked outside of my apartment building (one half of the Truck Farm team, Ian Cheney, is my neighbor). Congrats! 

The Wall Street Journal advises on how to throw an eco-friendly backyard cookout complete with compostable palm leaf bowls, additive-free charcoal briquettes, and recycled aluminum foil. 

Readymade gets crafty with instructions on how to give an ordinary dog house an exceptional eco-makeover. 

Image: Sunset/Thomas J. Story


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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