The San Francisco Chronicle provides tips on how to perform DIY damage control on household items like china, silver, rugs, and linens that may have suffered a bit of holiday wear n' tear.

The Daily Green has some ideas on how to follow through with any home-related New Years Resolutions with a list of "7 Home Improvements to Do in 2010." 

The New York Times lines up a slideshow of college students eschewing dorm life for living arrangements that are decidedly less traditional: teepees (see photo at left), geodesic domes, and 129-square foot mini-houses that are both off campus and off the grid. 

Good takes a look at how rampant suburban sprawl is affecting the once-pristine farmland of Helvetia, Oregon, in a fascinating article called "Pushing the Limits." 

Jestson Green also heads to Oregon to admire a beautiful vacation rental home on the Oregon Coast called the Oceanside Prefab.

Apartment Therapy announces the winners of the 2009 Homies. Congrats to the green home category winner, maya*made, and thanks to everyone who voted for this here blog! 

The Los Angeles Times chats with Don Foster and Erin Quigley, LA homeowners who have helped usher a circa-1920 home into 2010 through various energy-saving home improvements.

TreeHugger watches Oprah react in awe to an efficient modern apartment shared by a family of four in Copenhagen. She's obviously a bit taken aback by the small size of the refrigerator. Remember, O, bigger isn't always better.

The Guardian bundles up and steps upside with tips on how to care for your garden when it's covered in show. 

Ecofriend ogles the Aura Organic Air Filtration system, a houseplant-based, electricity-free air purifying design concept. 

ReadyMade instructs on how to make a retro-cool pendant lamp out of old coffee cans. 

Designboom sets sails on the Tafoni Floating Home, an eco-modern houseboat designed by Joanna Borek Clement specifically for Sausalito, California's houseboat district. 

Photo: Nobuaki Tanaka/NYTimes

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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