The New York Times bundles up, braces the taste buds, and heads to the garden for an article on everything and anything related to winter squash including the "science of 'squunk.'"

The San Francisco Chronicle applauds the Berkeley Tool Lending Library, the oldest institution of its kind in the nation, for paving the way for other similar home improvement borrowing centers. Too bad most of these other tool lending libraries are also in the Bay Area (and in Portland, natch). This space-strapped Brooklynite would definitely benefit from one.  

The Coventry Telegraph announces that the U.K.'s first ever "Passivhaus eco estate" has nearly been completed. This community of 23 super-efficient, super-insulated homes will be located in Bell Green, Coventry. 

Core77 profiles the work of Billy Robb, a beer-drinking "biotech worker and tinkerer" who collected "a buttload of aluminum cans, cut them into sheets, made his own die, smashed them into corrugated tile shapes, and used it to roof a chicken coop!"

Dwell rounds up the best and brightest (or coziest and comfiest) cottages and cabins featured in past issues of the magazine. I'll take 'em all, please. 

USATODAY wonders how green this year's Greenbuild Conference & Expo actually is with 27,000 attendees, a focus on "high-power networking," and no "Birkenstock-wearing hippies with facial hair and earrings" in sight. 

Jetson Green admires a beautiful (but a bit lonely looking) green home outside of Salt Lake City. Interested in living in a home that's "outfitted with in-floor radiant heating and will keep a family cozy when the greatest snow on Earth falls?" It can be yours for $1,150,00. 

ReadyMade provides a tutorial on how to make cement planters out of recycled food containers. Required: an entire weekend, plenty of DIY skill, ample space, and cement. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing catch up: Pre-holiday leftovers
Lending libraries for DIYers, recycled beer can roofs for chickens and "the science of squunk" round out an oh-so-satisfying week in green home news.