Treehugger isn't at all frightened by the 7-foot long, hand sewn ChumBuddy Shark Sleeping Bag (pictured above) from Kendra Phillips. I, however, am. 
ReadyMade instructs on how to make your very own succulent planters out of used bricks. 
The Wall Street Journal dons a hat with an attached veil to report on the "Backyard Battle to Save the Honeybee." 
Re-Nest spotlights the "Secret Super Cleaning Powers of the Might Cucumber." Yes, really. Cucumbers can remove tarnish from stainless steel, de-fog a bathroom mirror, and remove pen/crayon marks from walls. 
The New York Times investigates the upside-down garden phenomena sparked by those Topsy Turvey infomercials. Turns out, upside-down gardening isn't a dumb gimmick but a smart gardening technique with benefits like efficient water delivery, less pests, and saved space. 

Jetson Green discusses the perks — and possible drawbacks — of gardening with community solar power.

Apartment Therapy Marketplace has a few pointers on how to shop for green cleaners. 

USATODAY reviews the best and the brightest green homes honored at this year's NAHB National Green Building Conference. Among the awarded: The Charity Works Greenhouse in McLean, Va, and Rosewood Hills in Columbia, S.C. 

Design*Sponge shares a few tips on how to assess the quality of antique furniture in a special guest post by antiquing guru Kay Davenport.

Fast Company checks in from the Congress of the New Urbanism (CNU18) taking place in Atlanta. Added bonus: photo of David Bryne in a tutu. 

EcoSalon interviews Ralf Mier, one of the builders behind 2002 Alpine, a recently built "hyper-ecoluxury urban home" in Boulder, Colo. 

GOOD takes a look at a stunning collection of neighborhood flag designs submitted by artists, designers, and illustrators to celebrate the uniqueness of their respective 'hoods. If your neighborhood had its very own flag, what would it look like?

Image via Patch Together

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing catch up: Shark week(end)
Brace yourself for a full-on green home invasion this weekend with stuffed sharks in the bedroom, bees in the backyard and cucumbers in the cleaning supply clos