July, for the most part, seems to have flown by at a breakneck pace. This week, however, I was running on tortoise time ... champing at the bit for Friday to arrive. 

If you're in NYC this weekend, be sure to swing by the New Museum Block Party (Green Depot is heavily involved), take a stroll on the High Line, or cruise out to Governor's Island. Or, just relax at home with these assorted green home news items collected this week from across the interwebs. See you next week. 

The Atlantic scrutinizes Swedish home furnishings giant IKEA in an insightful piece that begs the question: is IKEA "the least sustainable retailer on the planet?"

Dornob rolls out some enticing photos of homes built from upcycled grain silos.

Jetson Green heads to Texas for a look at Camp Cinco, an award-winning, off-the-grid vacation home consisting of five upcycled shipping containers. 

The Los Angeles Times switches green for pink in an article about how Barbie's townhouse has changed over the last 35 years. I'm not holding my breath for mini cork footstools, rainwater harvesting on the roof, and a solar-powered elevator. 

Greenopia pours a pitcher of iced tea and heads out back with a review of the recycled aluminum Solara "smart" patio cover. 

The New York Times reminisces about this year's Brimfield Antique Show. The annual antique show in Brimfield, Mass., is described as a "kind of showroom on steroids with the chaos of a parking-lot flea market."

Der Spiegel introduces us to Germany's "arbo-architecture" trend which find designers (at least a trio of them in Stuttgart) building structures out of living trees.

Re-Nest excuses itself for a moment to share a nifty new product: Ever-Green toilet paper. Instead of being wrapped in plastic, rolls of recycled-content, bleach-free Ever-Green TP are packaged in a recycled fiber paperboard box. 

The Wall Street Journal pays tribute to influential architectural photographer Julius Shulman. Famous for capturing the work of architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Netura, Shulman passed away last week at the age of 98 in Los Angeles. 

The Guardian checks in with Andy Phipps, one of the bloggers participating in the Guardian's super cool Green Your Home project. In this post, LED light fixtures and energy-efficient appliances are discussed. 

Photo: Dornob

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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