Re-nest advises on "How to Use A Stackable Compost Bin." Learn something new every day, right? 

New York magazine addresses the aspiring urban homesteader in a round-up on six decidedly rustic DIY skills to cultivate including woodworking, animal tracking, and butchering. 

Fast Company ogles " The Coolest Humidifier That You've Ever Seen." The ceramic humidifier(s), pictured at left, are from Il Coccio Design and really make me wish that I had a radiator. 

The Wall Street Journal warms up to the idea of solar water heating.

Metropolis heads to the woods for a look at an eco-friendly Boy Scout cabin on Catalina Island, California. It's built from a recycled shipping container and boasts a reclaimed wood deck and solar panels. 

Jetson Green phones Homb with a look at Homb, a line of fetching prefab homes from Method Homes and Skylab Architecture.

The Los Angeles Times launches "The Recyclist" blog, a weekly dispatch from the trash-challenged writer Rene Lynch. 

The San Francisco Chronicle details the energy-saving benefits of honeycomb window shades. 

Yanko Design admires designer Louisa Köber's Teelicht (aka Tee Lights), a series of super cute lamps made from rods and secondhand teacups.

The Christian Science Monitor explores "Gray water's grass roots."  

TreeHugger is in awe of a home in Argentina that's made entirely from recycled plastic soda bottles. 

The New York Times talks shop with Matt Muenster, a contractor and m.v.p of the DIY Network's Toilet Bowl airing this Sunday. 

Trendhunter takes a gander at a dish drainer that doubles as a plant-watering device. It's designed by Erdem Selek. 


Photo: Martini Home

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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