Like Chinese food? I certainly do. Do I dig the idea of Chinese dining accoutrement being incorporating into interior décor schemes? Not terribly so since the only evidence I’ve seen of this until now are kitschy lamps modeled after paper takeaway boxes. Would I sit on a stool made from reused chopsticks and steamer trays? Sure thing, but after a while I’d probably try to disassemble it and attack a plate of General Tsao’s chicken.

From designers Jason Dembski and Ryan Horsman comes the Chopstick/Steamer Stool, a truly unique piece of furniture designed at B.A.S.E. Beijing and currently making the rounds at domestic design shows. From looking at the photos, you’ll see that it’s built with six vertically stacked bamboo steamers, hundreds of used, disposable chopsticks, and a foam cushion that separates the two. 

 Writes Dembski on his website:

The goal of this particular project—taking cues from Chinese culture and its ability to make excess/waste useful—was to (re)use everyday Chinese items in new ways. The Chopstick/Steamer Stool takes traditional bamboo steamers, thousands of disposable chopsticks and simple cushioning material, and combines them into a piece of furniture.
The Chopstick/Steamer Stool won’t be available at your local Crate & Barrel anytime soon — it’s a for-show design prototype — but let’s say it was: Would you sit in it or do you prefer to keep your furniture and eating utensils strictly separate?

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Via [Design Boom

Photos: Jason Dembski

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing (with) chopsticks
Although not exactly comfortable looking, the Chopstick/Steamer Stool wins points for creative reuse.