To the greenthumbed urbanites, plant-happy apartment-dwellers, and design-savvy indoor container gardeners, that I’ve offended with my full-on outdoor summer gardening series, “Not of the garden variety:" my apologies for neglecting you. Allow me make it up to you …
Spotted over at the L.A. at Home blog is a new line of indoor/small-space gardening accessories from Los Angeles-based Poketo, a fabulous design company that I normally associate with gleefully loud wallets, stationery, and wall decals. Although the three-product collection —three-ring plant stands, three-ring mounted planters, and a stunning A-frame plant hanger — may be Poketo’s first stab at indoor/patio gardening gear, they certainly struck green-ish gold in my opinion.
Designed by Eric Trine and handcrafted in California, the three-ring plant holders come in steel and in powder-coated white and are available in two configurations: a stand ($30 - $40) or a screw-in wall planter ($25 - $35). Although the pots (and plants) themselves are not included, Trine’s designs fit standard 4.25-inch collared pots that you can pick up in most home improvement stores of garden centers. And as pointed out by Poketo, you don’t have to use the stands and wall units to hold greenery. Use them to stash pens, office supplies, kitchen gear, etc. to free up space on a cluttered countertop or desk. 
For space-conscious greenthumbs who would rather suspend their plants from the ceiling than mount them on a wall or place them on a surface, there’s Danny Simon’s A-frame plant hanger ($78). This gorgeous handcrafted piece, is, true to its name, “inspired by A-frame architecture, a symbol of the good life in post-war America.” The hanger is made from beautiful ipe Brazilian hardwood with straps made from deadstock (vintage but never used) military cotton strapping. Bronze hardware including a hook and snap hook are come with the unit but not a 4-inch collared pot which you’ll have to pick up yourself.
Head on over to Poketo to check out the entire urban gardening line and to read quick but insightful Q &’s with both Trine and Simon
Images: Poketo

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Poketo literally goes to pot with new urban gardening line
Always-fun Poketo releases a line of handcrafted-in-California urban gardening accessories including industrial-chic steel plant stands and an A-frame-inspired