Caravan, the best/only spot in Portland, Ore. in which out-of-towners can hunker down for the night in a trailer-bound tiny house, welcomed a new addition earlier this month in the form of Salsa Box, a charming “instant cabin” ringing in at 96-square-feet.

The beautifully crafted abode that comes complete with a tiny little living roof that hangs over the front porch was originally constructed by Portland-based “dwelling services” company Shelter Wise as an instructional unit for a tiny house building workshop.

When Deb Delman and Kol Peterson’s Caravan — it’s the county’s first self-described tiny house hotel — first opened nearly a year ago as an “urban campground” on a once-vacant lot in Northeast Portland’s Alberta Arts District, there were a trio of pint-sized accommodations that guests could choose from: the Tandem (165-square-feet), the Rosebud (100-square-feet), and the Pearl (90-square-feet plus a sleeping loft).

With the addition of the Salsa Box, there are now a total of five fully-equipped tiny houses on the property: the 160-square-foot Skyline and the 140-square-foot Caboose, both billed as being family-friendly, are also new-ish additions to the collection. Given that the teeny-tiny Pearl is no longer part of the property, the Salsa Box now holds the distinction of being the smallest tiny home to be parked at Caravan.

Like its custom-built Caravan cousins, Salsa Box rents for $125 a night (in addition to Airbnb, Caravan now has an independent online booking system) and boasts all the amenities you’d expect to find at a Holiday Inn Express or other decidedly more conventional/less adventurous lodging establishments: fresh towels and bed linens, microwave ovens, an alarm clock, coffee maker, toiletries, a blow dryer, a mini-fridge, and, last but not least, a flush toilet. On that note, Salsa Box also sports a mini-tub/shower combo measuring 8 cubic feet. The bed is a queen.

The Salsa Box model found at Caravan is the standard 12-foot-long model although Shelter Wise also offers models as long as 20-feet to interested clients (the base model starts at $22,500). The “efficient, durable and budget-friendly” Salsa Box can also be configured as an off-grid unit with a composting toilet in lieu of flush toilet along with PV panels and a rooftop rainwater harvesting system.

Click here to view more interior photos of the cleverly designed model (an enamored Lloyd Alter at sister site TreeHugger also put together a nice slideshow pointing out various highlights). As detailed by Lloyd, this little house-on-wheels manages to pack in a lot.

And for those who are interested in touring Salsa Box but who would rather not spend the night in it for whatever reason, Caravan is hosting, in partnership with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, the City of Portland, and Metro, the first citywide celebration of accessory dwelling units, “Build Small, Live Large: Portland’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Tour.”

Taking place on June 1, a dozen pint-sized backyard dwellings across the city will be open for self-guided tours along with Caravan’s tiny homes. Caravan will also be the site of an ADU Networking event featuring tiny house trailblazer (and recent author) Dee Williams as a guest speaker. More info on the day-long event can be found here.

Via [Gizmag], [TreeHugger]

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Portland's tiny house hotel gets hot new addition
Measuring an extremely petite 96-square-feet, the Salsa Box from Shelter WIse is the newest (and smallest) lodging option at the Caravan tiny house hotel.