Kohler, a name synonymous with toilets, faucets, and other bath and kitchen fixtures has a great green deal going down: Take a quick quiz (under two minutes) on the company's great new educational water-saving website, Save Water America, and they'll donate $1 in water-conserving products to sustainable Habitat for Humanity building projects. The quiz is easy and breezy (and no, you aren’t graded) and you just have to fill out a bit of information after you get your score. Pretty painless. After the quiz, I learned that I could save up to 1,191 gallons of water a year by upgrading my toilet. Then I was directed to a page of toilet replacement rebates. I'm not going to share any of this info with my landlord, but it's good to know. There's also a page detailing Kohler's water-saving products. I'll be discussing some of these fixtures in more detail next week when I post about how to turn the john into the most eco-romantic (yes, eco-romantic) room in your home for Valentine's Day. 

Through the quiz, Kohler plans on donating over $1 million worth of water-saving products, enough to outfit about 600 Habitat for Humanity homes. Now get quizzin'...

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Quiz n' flush
Take a quick quiz at Kohler's water-saving website, and they'll donate a buck to Habitat for Humanity.