What is it about the city of Tel Aviv that produces a plethora of talented, dumper-diving furniture designers? Last week, I featured the work of sustainable design studio Mesila — I particularly love the salvaged clothespin and button lamps — and today I’m proud to spotlight another great, green Israeli design house, Ubico Studio.

Ubico Studio founder Ori Ben-Zvi and his resourceful design team work with industrial waste, urban waste taken from the streets of Tel Aviv, and materials plucked from waste disposal centers to create “high quality design with good craftsmanship made solely of recycled and reclaimed materials.”


The Ubico Studio mission statement reads:

It is our belief that through the combination of design and craftsmanship, of an environmental agenda and visual context we can generate richer objects; objects which offer our clients, function and longevity generated by thoughtful design as well as the notion of time and metamorphosis embedded in matter.
Although Ubico produces and sells a decent range of household furnishings and accessories including cabinets, cutting boards, benches, and wash basins, I’m particularly fond of the “Stump” series of stools/side tables made from 100 percent salvaged wood pieces taken from industrial garbage cans near Ubico HQ. Eschewing mass production methods, the Jenga-esque stools are handmade in a factory that employs disabled individuals. They’re also quite affordable — around $200 — not including shipping costs from, um, Israel.

Even if you're not in the market to buy a $200 side table/stool from Tel Aviv, take a moment to admire these beautiful, eco-inspirational furnishings made with the utmost social and environmental concerns in mind. 

Via [Yanko Design]

Photos: Shahar Tamir

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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Stumped as to where to find furniture made with ecological and social care? Look no further than 'Stump,' a line of reclaimed wood stools/side tables.