What ever happened to Fido or Fidette Obama? Heck if I know, but if the First Family ever does get around to adopting a hypoallergenic Portuguese water dog like Michelle Obama hinted at, they probably won’t need a fur-zapping Jamboree Dog Bed.

Given that the height of pet shedding season is upon us and open-toed shoe season is about to begin, the prototype for this unusual, colorful pet bed constructed from discarded rubber flip-flops couldn’t hit the blogosphere at a better time.  

Here’s how Aussie designer Ilya Fridman from the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab constructed the Jamboree Dog Bed to work: The rubber flip-flop surface actually generates a static charge when a pooch lays or sits it. Because of magnetic electrostatic magic, stray fur is captured and sticks to the rubber (instead of float into the corner and mutate into a super-sized fur ball). The modular design of the Jamboree lets pet owners disassemble and reassemble the bed with relative ease when it’s cleaning time. Yikes. It’s like Mr. Wizard meets Marc Morrone.  

Although not as aesthetically attractive as some other eco-friendly pet bedding options (unless, of course, you have a serious thing for feet), the Jamboree seems an instant godsend to beleaguered dog owners. Now let me see that thong...

Via [TreeHugger] via [Trend Hunter

Images: Ilya Fridman

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Recycled flip-flop dog hammock
Yep, you read that right. Behold, the Jamboree Dog Bed, the best (and only) errant fur-catching rubber flip-flop pet bed out there.