It’s patio furniture season, y’all! Before you head out back and plop yourself down in one of those cheap plastic lawn chairs with the woobly leg that’s duct-taped together, get a load of the newest collection from eco-minded German outdoor living brand Dedon. Developed in collaboration with socially conscious N.Y. designer, Stephen Burks, the collection is called Dala or "To Make," in Senegalese dialect. 
As you can see, the woven pieces that make up Dala — lounge chairs, ottomans, and side tables/ stools — are mighty attractive with their vibrant, nature-inspired color schemes (“Fire,” “Sea,” and “Grass”) and intricate, tile-like patterns. It's all very Turkish bath house-meets-Malibu beach party (or backyard BBQ). And did I mention that they’re made from garbage? The aluminum mesh framework of each hollow piece is intricately woven with a synthetic fiber made from recycled food and drink packaging and recyclable polyethylene, a material that Dedon has been working with for years now. The threading itself is performed by hand at Dedon’s socially responsible manufacturing facility in the Cebu province of the Philippines by a team of master weavers (a great set-up that you can read more about here). In addition to boasting plenty of handmade eco-cred, the pieces are and super-lightweight making them ideal for garden-parties-on-the-go. 
Burks tells Co.Design: "It’s a very difficult process to bring industrial innovation and a contemporary design language to certain places in the world, while at the same time finding international distribution that essentially allows the livelihood of these craft traditions to be extended into the future"
The Dala collection was unveiled last month at the Milan Furniture Fair and hasn't officially appeared yet on the Dedon website (or in the company's New York or L.A. stores, I'm guessing) aside from a silly promotional video that features Burks and Dedon founder/retired footballer Bobby Dekeyser running around NYC like a bunch of goofballs (am I missing something?) Regardless, the price points on those beauties will be on the high-end of things given that Dedon's euro-luxury reputation (the company's previous collection, Play, was developed with Philippe Starck). And of, course, I should note that Dedon is responsible for manufacturing my favorite piece of outdoor furniture ever, the NestRest. Seriously, if I ever crawled into one of those things you'd have a hell of a time getting me back out.
​Via [Co.Design], [DesignBoom]

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Recycled packaging gets the outdoor ottoman treatment
Germany's Dedon teams up with Stephen Burks to release the prettiest collection of patio furniture made from recycled food packaging that you ever did see. (Se