Back in November, I featured a Boston Globe-produced video that goes inside the Littleton, Mass., assembly plant of a then-unknown Blu Homes, the green prefab building company that acquired the assets of Michelle Kaufmann’s mkDesigns after it folded in the weak economy.

While we’re on the topic of folding, here’s another look at the innovative prefab “folding technology” (TreeHugger architecture guru Lloyd Alter calls it “modular origami”) used by Blu Homes that makes transportation of the homes cheaper, quicker and more efficient. Alter calls it "the single biggest advance in the industry in years." It’s a fascinating process to witness, especially at a snow-covered customer site in Rhode Island rather than an assembly plant.

After watching the video, check out Alter’s in-depth analysis of Blu’s building style and read more about the home in question, the Blu Element, over at Blu’s website.

Via [TreeHugger]

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Rhode Island fold 'em
Get another look at the unique folding prefab technology — "modular origami" — used by Blu Homes, the eco-housing firm that acquired mkDesigns.