A bit of reclaimed lumber home decor matchmaking: On the hunt for a couple pieces of imperfect, character-filled furniture to go along with that, say, reclaimed Wyoming snow fence accent wall?
Look no further than Stria from West Elm, a collection of four boudoir furnishings — nightstand, three-drawer dresser, six-drawer dresser and a bed frame — made from reclaimed wood that, in its former life, served a most unique purpose: railway trestles in India. The wood in question is called saal which I’m guessing is the same as shorea robusta or the sal tree, a species native to southern Asia that’s commonly used as hardwood timber.
The five gorgeously rustic members of the Stria line are manufactured close to home, in India, and because of the nature of reclaimed lumber furniture, each piece is unique. With the dressers, only the drawer fronts are made from saal while the frames are made from mango, acacia and engineered woods.
Given that this is West Elm — the more modern, design-y cousin to Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma — the Stria collection isn't exactly budget-friendly nor are is it egregiously high-end. Although I personally won’t be purchasing a Stria dresser any time in the near future (but one can aspire, right?) I think that the prices aren't too shabby for well-made, sustainable wood furniture with a unique sense of history and character: $299 for the nightstand, $599 for the three-drawer dresser, and $899 for the six-drawer dresser. The bed set, available in full, queen, or king, ranges in price from $799 to $999.
It looks like there’s a delay in shipment with the Stria bed frame and nightstand due to higher than expected demand, but as a commenter over at Core77 who claims to work for West Elm notes, half of the collection is on hold in warehouses because of mold issues. Hmmmm …
And if you’re looking to outfit your home office with sustainable wood furniture, West Elm has you covered with the Pratt Home Office Collection, the result of a fantastic collaboration last year (W.E. does collaborations well) with The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. You may have noticed that I’ve been featuring different items Pratt Home Office Collection (on sale now) in my springtime series, Home is where the office is. 
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Images: West Elm

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

'Saal-id' as a rock: Stria from West Elm
West Elm introduces Stria, a new line of gorgeously imperfect bedroom furniture made from reclaimed saal wood taken from dismantled railway trestles in India.