I’ve written before about resourceful, eco-minded designers using scrap wood and other excess materials to create beautiful home furnishings. Scott Rafaelle of 4Korners is one great example of a designer abiding by a nothing-goes-to-waste design/build ethic. Even the wood sawdust in Rafaelle’s co-op Brooklyn workshop finds new life as composting material at a local organic farm.

Think that that’s the only green way to dispose of sawdust from furniture production? Think again. Israel-based industrial designer Yoav Avinoam actually creates new furniture — a collection of stools and a bench — from excess workshop sawdust. The only other tools Avinoam uses to create his furnishings are wood glue, clamps, excess boards, and pieces of other scrap wood. They're beautiful, unexpected, and totally green. Check 'em out. 

Via [Dornob]

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Sawdust to seating
Designers building furniture out of excess scrap wood isn't exactly new. But excess wood sawdust? Check out the work of Yoav Avinoam.