As if the thrill of watching Steve Sanders and noted Shakespearean actress Tara Reid defend the city of Los Angeles from a freak tornado filled with man-eating fish wasn't enough, the countdown for cable television's most anxiety-inducing/exciting annual event, Shark Week, is officially on. 

If you’re into watching apex predators bite, breach, and do what these big fish do best — look absolutely terrifying (equally as scary is the decline of many shark populations due to aggressive overfishing)  — I’m guessing you’ll be glued to the Discovery Channel starting on Sun. Aug. 4 at 8 p.m. (while there appears to be an ill-fated mascot, a host for this years festivities/feeding frenzy has yet to materialize). Due to minor galeophobia issues, I probably won't be tuning into original Shark Week programming such as "Sharkpocalypse," "Voodoo Sharks," or "White Great Serial Killer." However, spending some quality time with Louis Gossett Jr., Bess Armstrong, and a great white mama on a rampage certainly isn't out of the question.

And since I know plenty of you do love these fearsome yet vastly misunderstood beasts something fierce, like in the past I’ve rounded up a handful of shark-y items for around the house to help usher in the 26th (!) edition of Shark Week. Both utilitarian and purely decorative (put a shark on it!), not all of these items are handmade or crafted from eco-friendly materials although most are.

Plush Shark Pillow by LauraFrisk @ Etsy ($16.50)

Shark Warning Lamp Base @ PB Teen ($89.99)

Papier-mâché Shark @ Restoration Hardware Baby & Child  ($119)

Felt Shark Laundry Hamper by Uczarczyk @ Etsy ($150)

Lemon Shark Juicer @ Archee McPhee ($12)

Shark Bottle Opener by Roost @ Red Sail ($20)

Shark Wine Stopper by Donkey Products @ ($21)

Steel Bone Shark by Von Chandler @ UncommonGoods ($250)

Shark Bite Wall Clock (Rusted) by All15Designs @ Etsy ($46)

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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Shark Week '13: Home decor feeding time
With Shark Week 2013 looming on the horizon, it's a fine time to invest in apex predator-themed home decor.