When it comes to purchasing new decorative pillows and cushions during the summer, most folks obviously go for anything with bright colors, floral designs, and nautical themes ... even if you happen to live hundreds of miles away from the ocean. After all, who really cares if you live in Sioux Falls but have a sofa overflowing with pastel seahorse pillows. I don’t.

Don’t buy into breezy, beachy summertime pillowry? Aching for the vacation season to be over and for the academic season to start up once again? Well, here’s a new line of geeky graphic pillows that will ensure that your love of math and science stays in a cuddly, cushion-based manner throughout the summer months.

The first collection of graphic pillows from always awesome, Toronto-based sustainable furniture and home accessory studio, Gus*Modern, the four bold and bright designs are inspired by vintage science graphics. Keeping true to the company's eco-vision, the pillow cases are organic cotton with a feather and down fill. The graphics themselves are hand-screened with nontoxic inks.

Check ‘em out out over at Gus*Modern or at Bobby Berk Home where you can purchase the pillows a la carte ($65 for 20” x 10” designs and $95 for 20” by 20” designs) or as entire set for $320. If you're more into urban planning and architecture than laboratories and Venn Diagrams, check out my post from May on Patrick Chirico's Build Your Block pillow collection

Via [Design Milk]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Snuggle-worthy science from Gus*Modern
Buck the summertime tropical/nautical pillow trend and indulge your inner science dork by opting for Gus*Modern's new organic cotton graphic pillow line featuri