With shelter magazines folding left and right, I hope that Dwell is able to weather this particularly icky storm. Since its conception in 2000, the San Francisco-based magazine has never failed to delight with architectural eye candy and a focus on the sustainable design movement; last month's issue was dedicated to the prefab trend and there's generally green aplenty in print and on the mag's website. 

In the March 2009 issue, Dwell travels Down Under to report on architecture and design in Australia and New Zealand, nations that have struggled to forge national identities but are having no problem carving a unique niche on the global design scene. In the issue, subtitled "Learning From Down Under," we visit an off-the-grid home in New Zealand with a remarkable rain collection system; Environa Studio, a Sidney-based sustainable prefab home firm; a passive solar dream home complete with plunge pool in northeast Australia, and much more. 

What really got my attention was the artwork by 11-year-old Aussie, Moofus, on the final page of the magazine. Dwell tapped the pint-sized sketcher — the kid even has his own Etsy page — to draw his Australian dream house. And dreamy it is: It's made completely from salvaged materials and boasts a purified rainwater swimming pool, solar panels, and a "root vegetable roof" for chickens to graze on. And since Dwell's guest artist extraordinaire is 11, the digs feature an indoor skate ramp. 

Here's Moofus describing another one of his drawings, "Bondi", on his Etsy site: 

This is a picture of Bondi Icebergs club. Its a swimming club to the side of the beach. Someone asked me to draw a picture of Bondi for them, and I wanted to go into the Icebergs and draw the beach from there. Mum said we'd get lunch there, but no kids were allowed in.
I'm not naughty I promise! When I get older I might go in there and throw my drink around.
Because in Australia thats ok if you're over 18.

This is a digital print of an original ink pen and pencil drawing I did and then digitally coloured.
It is printed on Epson heavyweight matt paper .
It is about 9.5" x 6" with a white border for framing.
It is a limited edition of 50 and I will sign and date it.
My secretary (mother) will package it up in a cello sleeve and ship it off to you in a bend proof mailer.
She will also probably steal my money so she can eat cake.
Precious overload! And better yet, Moofus donates a percentage from the sale of his art to International Animal Rescue. He also states: "My mum and dad wont let me leave school to get a proper job and as I wont fit up chimneys anymore, I draw lots of pictures."  If you haven't overdosed on on cuteness or aren't snagging up your own print of "Dwelling" (a steal at $20), head on over to Zinio to check out the rest of Dwell's March 2009 Aussie audition.  

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Something to dwell on
The latest issue of Dwell dazzles with a spread on green homes Down Under. The highlight? The architectural stylings of 11-year-old Aussie wunderkind, Moofus.