Although having an energy efficiency audit performed on one’s home hasn’t reached an ideal level of ubiquity in North America yet, eco-retrofit firms are doing brisk business these days. But it seems that there’s one thing that often holds homeowners back from hiring an energy auditor … intimidation.

Maybe but it’s just the word “audit” that freaks people out. But here’s the thing: home energy auditors don’t roll up in unmarked vans and scrutinize your home for hours on end with Ghostbuster-esque gizmos before scolding you for being wasteful, ignorant, and environmentally backwards; they don’t tell you you’re doing everything wrong and then recommend massive, expensive changes; they don’t intimidate and they certainly aren’t in the business of taking money like another popular type of auditor. They’re in business to help homeowners save it.

Dave, Chris, and Spencer, energy auditors for Boston-based Next Step Living and stars of the below video, may as well be the poster boys for effective home energy auditing: they come across as laidback and affable but they’re also obviously pros at what they do — the perfect balance of friendly, non-patronizing, no-BS professionalism.

So if you’re hesitant about hiring a home energy auditor or if you’re simply curious as to what one exactly does during a routine visit, take a look as the aces from Next Step Living — who have partnered with the city of Boston for an impressive home weatherization initiative called the Renew Boston Residential Energy Efficiency Pilot Program — lay out the basics.

Do you have an energy auditing firm in your neck of the woods that's made a process misconceived as being "difficult" anything but?

Photo: Jeremy Bell

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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Intimidated by the thought of having a home energy audit? Boston's Next Step Living makes it look easy, breezy, and edifying.