Is that hefty pile of old catalogues and magazines driving you mad? Don’t have enough seating for your upcoming holiday fete? Need an under $50 gift for that short-on-space friend with a vintage magazine fetish?


Here’s a quirky solution in the spirit of recycling and reusing: designer Arik Levy’s Book Stool.  The stool is actually a set of nylon/cotton straps that you affix around that giant pile of back issues of fancy Brit fashion magazines, Sunset, Harper’s, GOOD…whatever you have laying around. Old periodicals can obviously be recycled, donated to local shelters, libraries, and schools, snuck into the magazine pile at your optometrist’s office, or used for craft projects but if you can’t part with ‘em, turn ‘em into furniture.

For DIY types, Christopher Bright over at dwell has some ideas on how to kick-start your own Arik Levy Book Stool. 


The Book Stool, $39 @ The Conran Shop 

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Stool boom
The fun, functional Book Stool saves old catalogues and magazines from the recycle bin and the dentist's office.