As you've probably heard, today marks the end of summer. Deal with it.

To help usher in my favorite season, autumn, here’s a look back at 25 of the hottest MNN home channel blog posts that I published this very hot — at least here in NYC — summer. Maybe you missed them while you were gallivanting about in the sand, catching up on summer reading, or exploring different ways to beat the heat without cranking up the AC. Maybe you were too busy constructing a catio and brewing compost tea. Or maybe you caught them the first time around but think they need to be revisited as you sit all misty-eyed and nostalgic, lamenting the end of summer. Whatever the case is, check ‘em out. What was the definitive green home news story of the summer for you? 


• A bit of Hohm-grown competition

Microsoft's Hohm Scores app ranks more than 60 million U.S. homes according to energy efficiency. How'd yours fare? And, most importantly, how'd your friends and neighbors score?

• All decked out: Bug traps

Bug zappers, however satisfying, require a fair amount of electricity and are, well, kind of gross. Consider these lean, mean environmentally friendly flying insect killin' machines.

• A modular hamster wheel for humans

German design students think outside of the box — and inside the tube — with Roll-it, a modular eco-living experiment.

• A shipping container of her own

This summer's hottest Hamptons property boasts a prime Amagansett location, killer natural light, art-strewn interiors and ... 840 square feet of space.

• Oil, oil everywhere ... in the home

With the Gulf oil spill in the headlines, it's time to consider all the petroleum-based products you have around the house and how you can avoid them.


• Celine Dion's eco-impact will go on and on

Celine Dion irks her neighbors by building a backyard swimming pool that matches her persona: Big, brash and somewhat ridiculous. Paging James Cameron ...

• Plane, sweet plane

A Malibu, Calif. resident with a lust for aviation and creative upcycling enlists an architect to transform a retired Boeing 747 jumbo jet into a hilltop dream home.

• Skinny, sustainable and Thoreau-inspired

Nils Holger Moormann's prefab garden shed/cabin, Walden, packs a whole lot of green living into an impossibly thin amount of space.

• A solar showdown in Spain

Seventeen collegiate teams from 7 countries converge at 'Villa Solar' in Madrid for the first ever European installment of the Solar Decathlon.

• Gratuitous veggie shots: Organic gardening done right

On the prowl for pics of a gorgeous organic garden? Feast your eyes on the edible bounty (and the composters) that makes the organic garden on Little St. Simons Island so special.


• Neverland Ranch reborn as a state park? 

Despite opposition, Assemblyman Mike Davis pushes for Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch to become California's newest state park.

• Soil-less wonders: Air plants 101

Tillandsias, better known as air plants, are all the rage in the houseplant world. Find out what the bromeliad brouhaha is all about ...

• Dumpster swimming hits the streets of NYC

For a limited time this summer, New Yorkers can cool off in the most unlikely of venues: Swimming pool Dumpsters installed on the streets of Midtown Manhattan.

• An earthship touches down in Haiti

Earthship Biotecture founder Michael Reynolds travels to Haiti where he hopes his unique brand of 'radically sustainable' homes can play a part in the rebuilding effort.

• Turn right at the giant conch shell house on the corner ...

Fit for Princess Ariel (but probably not Princess Snooki), Octovio Ocampo's Shell House is a vacation rental property with a serious nautical theme.


• Shark Week: Home decor feeding time

Attention Great White groupies: Usher in Shark Week by working yourself into a frenzy over these 10 shark-y items for the home ranging from sleeping bags to shower curtains.

• If the stripper shoe fits, green it

Not sure what to do with your old (pole)dancing shoes? Take a cue from Giddy Spinster and upcycle them into cacti planters or a pair of bookends for your collection of feminist tomes.

• Swimming in self-sufficiency: The Garden Pool

Instead of a traditional fix-up, a Mesa, Ariz., family opts to turn a down-and-out backyard swimming pool into a thriving urban garden complete with organic veggies and herbs, chicken coop and tilapia pond.

• Belgian homeowners go into the (infra)red

An application that uses ariel thermographic imagery allows Belgian homeowners to see how efficient -- or inefficient -- their insulation is, and, in turn, save money. But is it more invasive than empowering?

• Asheville's hippie-less hemp house

A home built using Hemcrete, an inexpensive, hemp-based eco-building material is completed in Asheville, N.C. CNN is on the scene but does not inhale.


• Arcade Fire rocks the suburbs 

Canadian indie rock group Arcade Fire tackles suburbia on latest album titled, appropriately, 'The Suburbs', and releases a nifty interactive music video in the process.

• Where's the green in the oval office makeover? 

In terms of a 'wow' factor, Obama's beige-tastic Oval Office makeover leaves a bit to be desired. Here are a dozen items that will help you inject a bit of color, specifically green, into your own home office.

• Cat Power: The Wool Ball Hybrid Humidifier 

Yuan Gu's Wool Ball Hybrid Humidifier design concept runs on standard electricity and an integrated battery that gets charged when your kitty plays with it.

• Affordable homes get a big green boost

The Home Depot Foundation and Habitat for Humanity announce the 2010 grantees for the Partners in Sustainable Building program where 5,000 affordable green homes will be built in 5 years.

• A tight, green squeeze in North London

76A Newington Green Road, a residential urban infill project designed by Amenity Space, packs style and sustainability into a dauntingly cramped space.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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