Having just spent a few sunny days in Las Vegas’s more relaxing, Rat Packin’ spiritual sister in the desert, Palm Springs, I’ve had Sin City on the brain. More specifically, I’ve been thinking about the possibilities of low-impact living in a town that revels in every form of excess imaginable.
Here’s an interesting proposed green building project for Vegas that’s not a behemoth hotel/casino although it is quite super-sized in scale: Green Belt City, a 60-acre development that boasts 15,000 residential units ... certainly more than enough space to accommodate a handful of eco-minded croupiers, pit bosses, and showgirls.

Imagined by New York-based Work Architecture Company, Green Belt City will consist of three “super towers” with solar panels and integrated wind turbines that are surrounded by a series of private parks, a cultural center, and a spa. However, it’s the parking, yes, the parking, that’s the real green draw of the place. According to Work, the parking structure is a “re-conception of the code-required mass of parking as a 2.5-mile long public rooftop promenade. The site’s waste water is be filtered with a 'living machine' that doubles as a green screen for the parking structure.”

As far as I know, this particular vision of a green belt in the middle of gamble n' glitz land is not going forward but like everything in Vegas, it's nothing less than show-stopping. And certainly worth a look. Check out the renderings above and below as well as more at Work’s website. 

 Via [Ecofriend]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Sustainable housing in Sin City
Mostly known for buildings of the garish and glitzy variety, Las Vegas is set to be the home of a residential community that's both gargantuan and green.