Over the weekend, I received the winter catalog from CB2, one of my favorite peddlers of furniture, interior decor, and overall good-looking merch. I know, I know, a dreaded catalog. But this particular catalog is not junk mail; I limit my catalogs to a select few and this is one of 'em.

If you're not familiar with CB2, it's Crate & Barrel's more mod lil' sis. While Crate & Barrel does classic and does it well, CB2 pushes the envelope with big colors, playful design, and a hearty dose of Scandinavian influence. Sadly, there's only a handful of CB2 brick and mortar locations -- Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and upcoming stores in Berkeley and LA -- but you can get anything your heart desires at CB2's online store. 

So back to said catalog. During a studious flip-through, I noticed a delightful green trend (and so did the folks at Re-Nest, apparently): furniture, specifically sofas, made with eco-friendly construction. CB2 has always offered a handful of green items -- I own the super-soft bamboo towels and an oversized bamboo slat area rug -- but sofas are a new development.

So what makes 'em green? The sofas are constructed with certified sustainable, kiln-dried hardwood frames with soy- or plant-based polyfoam cushions. Pictured below are the neo-Chesterfield "Chet," the TV room-friendly "Movie,"the "Lubi" daybed, and my favorite, the Euro-styled "Avec.


For those looking to lay instead of sit, another new CB2 product, the Tatami Bamboo Bed, caught my attention (dress it up with organic cotton sheets). More, smaller-sized green goodies from CB2 can be found here

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Sustainable sittin' with CB2 sofas
The winter catalog from CB2 -- Crate & Barrel's stylish lil' sis -- is full of great finds like eco-friendly sofas.